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Basic Principles of India’s Foreign Policy

Source of the image- web.mit.edu

Source of the image- web.mit.edu

The world was always present in the philosophies of India-our folklore and mythologies bear witness to it and the apertures of our vision varied with time but it was remarkably sensitive and intellectual.Indian heritage represent creative assimilation rather than intolerant rejection.The concept that the world is one family comes from the realization that the earth is indivisible.Whatever happens to some of us will,one day happen to all of us.NAM is not a doctrine ,not a dogma ,not a business.It is a state of mind. Our belief in the Non-alignment Movement ,implying independence of thought and autonomy of action,has been and will remain an important element of our foreign policy.

Our geographic position in south Asia ,presence in Indian ocean and as a close and concerned neighbour of the gulf region and central Asia-India is pivot of western ,southern and south Asia.But we do not see our size and strength as an instrument for dominating the region for the simple reason that we consider it to be in our interest to improve relations with our neighbours.As a policy the government of India does not believe in import and export of ideologies and more so of democracy. Ultimately ,every society has to carve its own polity.Our sympathy lies with democratic societies but as a government ,we do not approve of direct interference.The reasonable man adapts himself to the world the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself .

Our commonness with USA is marked by democracy,rule of law,tolerance,equality and non-discrimination with myriad diversities.Now we are in the era of globalisation and that is matched by a respect for sovereignty,human diversity and plurality ,value for ethics ,preservation of environment and reduction of economic disparities.India is changing because its people want change.

This time when the whole world is facing the threat of Talibanisation of terrorism and India is no exception which leads to chaos and disruption in the form of Mumbai bomb blast.It is more sensitive issue for us because second largest Muslims only after Indonesia reside in India .India along with USA and other countries considering it threat to not only a region but to whole world and waged an open war against it .The initially war is diplomatic because everyone want peace but those days are not far away when this movement demand open fight.And we are ready for every thing for the sake of world peace and for the safety of world pluralism.

Long ago ,Lord Buddha had said that the people should not have blind faith in anything.”Donot believe because I am saying so.Also donot believe what it is written in a book”. Questions everything -what ,who,how,when ,these questions if raised ,would change our thought process and the country will progress.Meet “tryst with destiny”– achieved by forging and sustaining a national consensus.


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